Family Support/Self Sufficiency Program

Self-Empowerment for Resilient Families

If you’re struggling and don’t know where to start, the Self-Sufficiency Program can help you and your family. With services like counseling, guidance, goal setting, voucher assistance, and case management, this program is designed to help you get back on your feet and keep moving forward on the path to independence.

The goals of the program are:

  • To act as a go-between for governmental programs and service providers, and the people who need them
  • Encouraging the private sector to give back to the community and support poverty relief efforts
  • Offering services that are helpful and necessary to working against the causes of poverty, with a specific focus on areas of greater need
  • Host activities designed to help low-income participants
  • Support low-income people through emergencies by providing food, supplies, services, and support as necessary to help people keep their homes and avoid malnutrition

The program is results-oriented, and all help and services will be aimed at helping the participant meet the identified goals. We believe that even those members with the lowest income still own a stake in their community and that by strengthening family ties and other support systems, people can become self-sufficient.

  • Creating partnerships among those working to support and offering services to low-income people and households
  • Improving the living conditions of low-income households
  • Fostering a community that supports low-income individuals becoming self-sufficient

The Shelby County Community Services Agency Family Support Program focuses on the family or individual and helps them improve their living conditions. This includes figuring out the problems that need to be overcome, creating a written plan to overcome them, and the support services that can help.

Contact Information

1188 Minna Pl
Memphis, TN 38104


Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
By appointment only.

To Qualify

  • Participant must be a resident of Shelby County
  • Income below the 200% Federal Poverty Income Index
  • Committed to attaining economic security
  • Willing to participate in a program orientation to learn more about program expectations
  • Willing to sign a commitment agreement to advance in the process

                  CSBG INCOME GUIDELINES FOR FY 2022
                                    (EFFECTIVE October 1, 2021)

                       200% Federal Poverty Guidelines

People in HouseholdAnnual IncomeMonthly Income
01 $25,760.00 $2,146.67
02 $34,840.00 $2,903.33
03 $43,920.00 $3,660.00
04 $53,000.00 $4,416.67
05 $62,080.00 $5,173.33
06 $71,160.00 $5,930.00
07 $80,240.00 $6,686.67
08 $89,320.00 $7,443.33
For Each Additional Person Add: $9,080.00 $ 756.67
       Shelby County Community Services       Family Support/Rent/Utility Assistance and Prescription Assistance
1188 Minna Pl.
Memphis TN 38104


The Community Services Agency strives to empower its customers to not only improve their lives through economic security and stability, but also their communities by planting seeds of change as we move toward a brighter future.